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Which is the best wood to build wood cabinets?

Posted by admin on July 11, 2017
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Choosing best wood to build wood cabinets is a crucial element in the entire interior of your home. Best wood can stay for long and provides an ease to maintain without creating any complications frequently.
Most of the wood cabinets are made from hardwoods, but in order to reduce costs, these woods are applied as veneers over a substance, such as plywood. Wood warps easily as its moisture content changes, hence it is important that the wood is finished on all sides in the factory itself. Veneered cabinets are more stable than solid lumber in high-humidity areas.

Well here is the list of best wood to build wood cabinets.

Red Oak: This wood is strong, durable and relatively inexpensive. This wood is most often used for traditional cabinet styles.
White Oak: This is even stronger than the red oak mentioned above. This wood can be used especially for an Arts and Crafts or a period look.
Hard Maple: A light colored wood which is a bit expensive than Oka but lesser in dense. This wood is mostly preferred as it gives a more natural finish to achieve a light and contemporary look.
Cherry: This is a perfect and best wood to build wooden cabinets in India as it is hard enough to withstand knocks and marring. Cherry is elegant and formal for certain styles. This is a red to reddish- brown wood darkens with age.
Pine: This is softwood which is commonly used for cabinetry and it dents more easily than hardwoods. This pale yellow wood gives a royal look to wooden cabinets but yet to be taken more care in maintenance.
Alder: Rustic Alder can range from very rustic to quite clear and unmarked. This wood has a wide range of colors. It is a softer wood than maple or cherry and offers a super finish for the surface.
Well, the above discussed are few mostly preferred best wood to build wood cabinets. Yet to go, you need to consider some features before choosing the wood. Below are some for your help!
Style of the Doors: All cabinets are the same as we look, but your interior will be unique as you go for different with various styles of the doors and designs.
Durability of the wood: Some of the cabinets built with particleboard-substrate are not as strong as other woods. Never compromise on durability thinking of the cost as these are done once for a while.
Grain: Veneered cabinets are likely to give you better grain matching than solid wood cabinets unless you expect at a very high end. Usually Indians prefer this for a cost effective and good enough looks reason.
Color: Don’t go and choose a wood just for its color. Wood’s natural color can always get replicated with stain. This is mostly with the color of maple on a birch base.
Construction: Drawers of the wood cabinet can be constructed using dowels or rabbets or using dovetails. These should last longer but they consume more wood and are more expensive too.

One thought on “Which is the best wood to build wood cabinets?

  • Gowri
    on July 13, 2017

    Some woods get easily damaged in spite of spending lot of money on them. Does these woods stay for long period of time?

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