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Why Choose 3 BHK Flats than 2 BHK in Hyderabad

Posted by admin on February 8, 2018
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When you decide to own a flat, there might be a little confusion among us whether to opt for  3 BHK or 2 BHK flat in Hyderabad. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced buyer or a first-time buyer of the property all it takes good research and effort that will help you to choose your dream flat as per your needs and requirements. In present times, both construction companies and customers are willing to focus on extra space and comfort.


In most of the 3 BHK Gated communities, with the usage of technology and improved amenities the demand for a 3 BHK is increasing. Undoubtedly bigger families are showing keen interest to own 3 BHK bedrooms in Hyderabad as there is increased connectivity by road and rail and good weather conditions in the city of  Hyderabad. Furthermore, owning a 3 BHK Flat which is for sale in Hyderabad is far affordable when compared to other states in India.


It is always advisable to opt for 3 BHK instead of 2 BHK because of following reasons.  


Economy – Generally people think that 3 BHK flats are costlier than 2 BHK, but it is a surprising fact that an ideal 3 BHK flat is just 20 to 30 percent more than the cost of 2 BHK apartment and as the price difference is marginal it is always best to opt for a 3 BHK Flat.


The element of Space – Everyone of us love to live in a home that is spacious and for us more the space, the better it is as spacious home looks aesthetically excellent. The extra bedroom always helps to accommodate your guests, and it is also useful for setting up your office at home Furthermore, most of the 3 BHK flats have beautiful elevation which adds more value to the apartments.


Better Prospects  – When you invest in any property you should not only think on present needs but also focus on your future needs. In the process of time, as your family grows, the requirement for space also grows and keeping this in view, it is always better to opt for a 3 BHK flat than 2 BHK.


Prime Locations – If you observe carefully most of the 3 BHK Apartment projects are in the Prime Locations of Hyderabad city. Builders are focusing on building spacious apartments that provides pleasant happiness to the customers. If you are a joint family or a big family 3 BHK is the right option for you, and prime location also helps you to travel less and to stay close to shopping malls, entertainment zones, Schools and Hospitals.



The Hi-Rise Apartments and Grand Villa Projects of Aditya Construction Company are in the Prime Location of Hyderabad City. To know more information about Luxury Hi-Rise 3 BHK Flats and Grand Villas just visit  this link.  Please feel free to contact us on our present and future projects at +91-40-4460 5555, and you can also email us at enquiry@adityacc.com.

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