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Presence of global IT boosts Hyderabad image

Posted by admin on March 4, 2016
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Hyderabad: Hyderabad, which was ranked the fifth most dynamic city in the world by the World Economic Forum, has performed particularly well on the jobs, infrastructure and education fronts.

Technology and Innovation was one of the 42 parameters on which cities were judged and the presence of giant brands like CISCO, Amazon Facebook, Google, Microsoft and 28 IT companies, was a plus point for Hyderabad.

These companies have contributed to the creation of 35,600 new jobs in 2015-16, taking the total work force to 4.07 lakh. The start-up incubator-IT hub has become a hotspot worldwide.

The presence of good educational institutions such as IIT & IIIT- Hyderabad, and ISB has benefited the city. The real estate market has seen an incredible rise: the municipal corporation earned `6 crore in building permission alone in 2016.

Though the population of Greater Hyderabad has increased from 72 lakh in 2011 to 1.2 crore in 2016, the city is less polluted than many others. Mr M. Sandeep, president of T-Information Technology Association, said the city has “gained marks for providing a fertile environment for innovation and successfully integrating into global networks. Technology continues to be a major driver of momentum. If the government and educational institutions develop more such IT-hubs, Hyderabad has the potential to take over from Bengaluru.”

Hyderabad has made  to fifth most dynamic city in the world with Bengaluru on the top of the list.

Economist Anil Reddy pointed out that Hyderabad is the largest contributor to the state’s GDP. “The change in 2016 was in high number of investments pouring in, large boost in the power sector with less power cuts, law and order controlled in the city, responsibility of the bureaucrats, a balanced political environment, and the requirements of industry, trade and the general public being met. Also, the single-window channel for industries and corporates. If this variable is managed well, by 2020 Hyderabad has the capacity to reach the top slot.”

Source : The Hindu JLL

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2 thoughts on “Presence of global IT boosts Hyderabad image

  • Keerthi
    on July 3, 2017

    True, I have seen this City growing rapidly. This article helps people to understand the development of Hyderabad.

    I have read one more like this about Vizag: Check it now guys: https://goo.gl/TR2A9C

  • sridhar
    on July 13, 2017

    This article creates excitement to stay and plan a career in Hyderabad. Seriously Hyderabad will develop rapidly in the coming years.

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